Oil coolers/Heat exchangers

plant-oil-coolersOil Coolers

We clean and repair all oil coolers as well as insert a new tube nest or offer an exchange unit in instances where the tube & shell unit is not repairable. Another alternative is copper tube/aluminum fin or copper tube with brass fins, silver soldered to steel headers. Expanded tube to header plate joints is another option we offer.

A variety of oil cooler constructions are available:

  • 18mm diameter Copper tube with brass or aluminium fin (32mm wide).
    The tubes are silver soldered to the headers (normally steel) or in certain cases tubes are expanded into the header plate.
  • Shell and tube oil coolers: – popular units are available on an exchange basis.
    Alternatively, the tube nest can be replaced in the existing casing.

We are accredited and authorized distributors for the following high quality brands: