Complete Radiators

8790396_sComplete Radiators

We do not just “paint black and send back” but repair and rebuild if necessary. Re-cored radiators and replaced plastic tanks with brass tanks are our pride. Re-cores are done with the radiator pressure tested in the presence of the client to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction that is expressed with a smile.

With expert advice to use Silverton antifreeze, which we keep in stock, an electrolysis test and flushed engine for a valid legit guarantee and warranty. We uphold our vision and strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Solid Construction Radiators.

SG Straight fin. (10mm tube pitch)
Available in the following configurations:

  • 37mm – 2 rows
  • 57mm – 3 rows
  • 77mm – 4 rows
  • 97mm – 5 rows
  • 113mm – 6 rows
  • 154mm – 7 rows

Fin Density:

  • 36 fpi
  • 18 fpi

Double fin tinned:1

  • 18 fpi. Allows improved air flow with Superior fin strength.

CL (10mm tube pitch) & CN (12.7mm tube pitch) Pack Type.
Available in the following configurations:

  • 33mm – 2 rows
  • 49mm – 3 rows
  • 66mm – 4 rows
  • 83mm – 5 rows
  • 100mm – 6 rows

Earth Moving Radiators and sections.
This sector is covered by the following construction types:

  • A solid construction core.
  • A removable tube conversion.
  • Radiator sections (Imported sections and gaskets).

We are accredited and authorized distributors for the following high quality brands: